Pool Services in Baton Rouge, LA

A Plus Pools offers comprehensive services for residential and commercial pools. We may be able to do other services not listed here by request.


We carry all the supplies you need for the upkeep of your pool including chlorine, floating chlorine dispensers, skimmers, vacuums,  balancing chemicals, and replacement filters. We also carry ladders and pool covers for many pool sizes. For fun in the pool, we have inner tubes, floaters, kickboards, inflatable loungers, plastic cards, beach balls, Frisbees, water polo supplies, floating pool lights, and more. For commercial pools, we have life jackets, lap lane,buoys, and divider ropes


Maintaining a pool is hard work, so let A Plus Pools take care of it for you. We skim the surface of the water, remove insects and debris from the bottom, wipe down the walls, add chlorine and other chemicals to keep the water clean and balanced, get rid of algae, and test the water for bacteria. We also clean up around the pool including sweeping the deck and wiping down the ladders and steps. We refill water as needed and prepare the pool for an off season.


A Plus Pools offers repairs both simple and extensive for private and public pools. We clean pool water and remove algae and bacteria, draining the pool and refilling it if necessary. We also repair loose or broken ladder steps, cracks in the wall or bottom, leaks in filters or drains, clogged drains and jets, and malfunctioning solar heaters. We also repair lights in the pool.

Certified Technicians

A Plus Pools has certified pool technicians on staff to handle any type of repair or maintenance service. Our employees are educated, knowledgeable, and experienced. Tests and training are required for new employees to make sure they have the skills necessary. Your pool is in trusted hands with us.

Pool Start Ups

We also do pool startups, which are for both new pools and pools that were dormant in the winter months.  We level an area of the yard for above the ground pools and dig into the yard to install an in ground pool. We then fill in the space with concrete walls and tile. Above the ground pool’s walls are put up and the liner installed. For existing pools that need to be opened for the season, we uncover the pool, fill the water back up to its full level, add the chemicals, skim out any debris, and turn on water heaters if applicable. We also put in ladders, turn on drains and jets, and install or activate pumps.  Our technicians will get your pool ready to enjoy during the hot summer months.

Stain Removal

Our pool technicians will find out the cause of the stain in your pool and use cleaning techniques and products to remove the stain. Stains can be green from algae or leaves. Iron, manganese, and copper stains are blue, green, brown, or black stains. These stains can be removed and prevented by refilling the pool, increasing the chlorine levels, stopping corrosion, adding shock, or ascorbic acid products.

Warranty Center

A Plus Pools also has a warranty center to place a lifetime warranty on any pool you purchase from us, limited time warranties on supplies, and service warranties. These are for your protection and ensure you get the most out of your pool and save money on repairs in the future. Find out the details of each warranty and how easy it is to add one for your pool.

Major Brands

We carry major, trustworthy pool brands including Hayward, Pentair, and Zodiac. Hayward offers state of the art pools and many supplies and accessories including spa lighting, controls, heaters, and pumps.  Pentair manufactures pools, chemicals, and supplies for residential and commercial pools. Zodiac pools are energy efficient and the company also makes many products including cleaners, controls, pumps, sanitizers, filters, and lighting.